Social Butterfly Haven
We cater to the needs of beauty entrepreneurs who want to use digital marketing to market their products, make sales, and leave a legacy. We assist them in positioning themselves online so that their target audience can find them, interact with them, and eventually purchase their products. We relieve the stress of having to worry about what to post, how to reach your target audience, or how to make sales, allowing you to focus on the production aspect of your business and enjoy life.
Our Team

We’re a small team of people with big ideas. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we know that great ideas don’t just come from one person—they come from everyone.

Our diverse backgrounds give us a unique perspective on how to solve problems and make sure your brand is communicating clearly and effectively with its target audience.

Social Butterfly Haven

Viola Ekene

Founder & CEO

Viola started off as a beauty and lifestyle blogger where she shared beauty tips consistently for over 4 years before she decided to fully venture into social media marketing for beauty brands 2 years ago. During this time, she also hosted a beauty show called ‘Beauty Hub’ on award winning radio station; UNIZIK 94.1FM where she shared beauty tips and interviewed beauty entrepreneurs around the world. READ MORE


Social Media Manager & Content Creator​

Daniella develops weekly and monthly content calendars, as well as social listening. Her specialty is data analytics. Her favorite aspect of the job is writing content and designing social media graphics and oh my! She does this so well!



Chiamaka researches and writes search engine optimized blog articles and content copies for Social Butterfly Haven’s diverse clients. This also applies to landing page copies as well. Her content and copies positions our clients as brand authorities in their industry and drives organic traffic to their ecommerce websites. She enjoys how the right words when coined together can influence a potential customer’s purchasing decision and build trust almost instantly.


Creative & Graphic Designer​

Chidibiere is in charge of Social Butterfly Haven’s visual identity branding, as well as newsletter designs for email marketing, banner and billboard design. His favorite aspect of being a creative and graphic designer is that no two projects are alike, which stimulates and brings out his creative eye for each new project.

Jessica Francis At Social Butterfly Haven


Content Marketer & Content Creator

Jessica does justice to content marketing and makes sure content aligns with the brand’s goals. She is also the lead content creator and ensures content creation and curation is done in the best quality for Social Butterfly Haven’s diverse clients. What excites Jessica is ideating content creation concepts for brands!


Social Butterfly Haven has extensive experience in digital marketing and has worked with both large and small beauty businesses.