Our services are designed specifically for beauty businesses, and there is a service or two to fit your needs. During a discovery call, we will also recommend services that are appropriate for your brand.

* Social Media Management: We remove the stress of deciding what to post on social media, which is our most popular and sought-after service. Because our content strategy is always tailored to your brand’s objectives and ideal target audience personas, the shifting algorithms and constant updates on social media platforms have no effect on the results. A well-thought-out content strategy should be unaffected by a new Instagram update. Period! We create your weekly content calendars, content pillars, content (videos, carousels, graphics), post 5x per week for you, manage your community, and send you analytics reports at the end of each month with this service.

* Email Marketing: We’ll create an email marketing plan for your beauty brand, as well as nurture, cart abandonment, post-purchase, and lead follow up email sequences, which is our second most popular and sought after service. We will manage your email lists and send newsletters to the email subscribers of your brand. 

* Website Optimisation: Certain things must be in place for your e-commerce website to provide the best shopping experience for customers, ranging from your copy to quizzes to capture leads, when to up-sell and cross-sell, and so on. With this service, we audit your website and make recommendations for changes. Keep in mind that 70% of your target customers are more likely to buy from your website. Why not make their experience worthwhile?

* Influencer Marketing Management: Influencer marketing is an excellent way to increase brand visibility and traffic. When done incorrectly, however, resources and time are wasted. We handle and manage your influencer marketing campaigns by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for each campaign, drafting legal agreements to protect you and the influencer, creating content briefs for the influencers to work with, reaching out to and finding the right influencers, monitoring deliverables, and managing general relationships with the influencers on your behalf. At the end of each campaign, a report is prepared and sent to you in accordance with the key performance indicators.

* UGC Marketing Management: User Generated Content (UGC) is an excellent way to drive organic engagement to your brand while also building trust among potential customers. We find the right user generated content creators for your brand and manage the entire relationship, from monitoring deliverables to preparing analytics reports at the end of each month in accordance with set KPIs. We also have a carefully curated directory of User Generated Content Creators.

* Product Photography: Having high-quality images of your products is a must. It is extremely important. We prepare moodboards for the product shoot and take creatively styled photos of your products as part of this service. GIFs and stop motion videos are also included as well as model campaign shots.

* Graphic Design & Visual Identity Branding: This service includes logo design, billboards, banners, and fliers, as well as other visual aspects of your brand identity. All of this, as well as creation of your brand colors and fonts, is handled by us.

* Ecommerce Website Design: Having an e-commerce website for your business is unquestionably critical in this day and age of online shopping. It is unchangeable. We will design your ideal e-commerce website and provide monthly maintenance.

* Social Paid Advertising (Instagram & Facebook Ads): You must always run Ads to reach new audiences and increase visibility and sales. We’ll handle all of your ads, sales funnels, pixel setup, and ad monitoring.

* VIP Day Content Strategy Session: This service is designed for beauty solopreneurs who prefer to handle their own digital marketing. This service consists of a 3-4 hour one-on-one class in which we will develop a solid digital marketing strategy for your company as well as action plans to get you started. This is essentially a digital marketing session done for you. Learn more about this service here.

* In-House Social Media Training: Do you have an in-house team that you would like to train on social media marketing so they can handle it for your brand? We have your back! We provide two days of in-person and virtual social media training to your team to teach them how to effectively position your brand on social media and achieve the desired results.