I have been blessed to have had Viola’s team; Social Butterfly Haven work with me on building my brand from scratch for over a year now.

They helped me choose brand colours, designed the logo, set up social media pages (Instagram, Facebook Page, Facebook Private Group and Pinterest).

Please feel free to go check our social media platforms out @reinahaircare and you will see for yourself the amazing work they do.

I love it because you can get every service you need for your beauty business with them.

it’s a one-stop shop, and you don’t need to be dealing with too many people. The customer service and professionalism are unmatched, and I will never look elsewhere. This team is stuck with me for life.

Thank you so much Team Social Butterfly Haven for building my business from the ground up. You do an amazing job each time and I know the businesses you’re going to help are going to achieve their targets and goals.


(Nyasha Musarurwa: Founder, Reina HairCare; a New Zealand based natural haircare brand specialised in the production of clean, vegan and cruelty-free products for women with type 3-4 natural hair)

I have worked with many service providers in developing, launching, and moving my brand forward but Social Butterfly Haven is one of the best and favourite. You have excellent work ethics, you go beyond what is expected of you, and have helped take a load off my shoulders as you work your magic in the social media space. You do not miss a bit as your posts are timely and with appropriate content. Thank you for your work. It’s lovely working with you, Viola.


(Dr. Jestina Kusina; Founder of Nashé Beauty; a Canadian based luxury skincare brand specialized in production of clean, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free anti-ageing products for women).

Thank you for pouring yourself into Negès Banda. We appreciate you!


(Mich-Love Pierre; Founder of Negès Banda; A US based natural hair care product brand specializing in production of plant based natural hair care products for women with type 3-4 hair).

I enjoyed working with Social Butterfly Haven. You did all you said you would do and I really applaud your professionalism. The website optimization you did? Oh my goodness! You nailed it! Each time I open the Beauty By AD website, it gives me joy. Thank you so much, Viola! You’re one in a million! I’d be sure to come back if I need anything.


(Adeola Chizoba Adeyemi; Founder of Beauty By AD; An award winning Nigerian makeup brand that produces clean & gluten-free makeup products for women around the world)