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Boutique Digital Marketing Agency For Beauty Brands. We relieve beauty entrepreneurs of the stress of digital marketing.​

Why We Are Different…

  • We only work with beauty brands. We are not for everyone, and that is perfectly fine.
  • We are a 98 percent female team because our founder believes in empowering women by hiring and providing a conducive work environment for women to work from anywhere in the world. No one is underpaid because we value and recognize the importance of paying a fair wage.
  • Our clients’ digital marketing strategies revolve around community building, legacy building, and long-term sustainability. This is extremely unusual, and we thrive on it.
  • We have excellent relationships with our current clients because we communicate and articulate their brand’s unique value proposition to content.
  • We provide practical digital marketing advice and are invested in the success of each client. We hold your hand so you don’t have to go at it alone. When life’s unexpected events occur, we have the digital marketing side of your business covered so you don’t burn out and can take some time off.
  • We only work with beauty brands that make products with safe and regulated ingredients that do not endanger consumers’ lives. We conduct background checks on potential clients to ensure that you are legally registered and trademarked. Our business integrity is extremely important to us, and we do not associate ourselves with fraudulent or careless beauty brands. We wouldn’t want to invest our expertise in a brand whose products endanger people’s lives because our strategies work. Our current clients’ products are all clean, vegan, and gluten-free.

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