As business owners, we understand that you are constantly looking for ways to get quality services at the best prices, which is why we have this amazing offer you’ll love called the ‘Done For You Content Strategy Plan aka VIP DAY.’ This plan is ideal for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs like you who want to consistently produce high-quality content to market their products in line with their brand vision while also learning how to manage their Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts.

In this ‘Done For You Content Strategy Plan’, you’ll get:

  1. User Research: We will conduct user research to determine the personas of your target audience, their pain points, and how to leverage these pain points to attract them.
  2. Content Strategy: This strategy will be tailored to your brand’s seasonal goals and visions. This will include your content pillars, which will serve as a guide for the various types of content to post at all times so that you never run out of ideas. They include post ideas for in-feed, reels, and informative graphics. This strategy will be derived from the personas of your target audience.
  3. Analysis of Competitors: We will research four of your competitors and use them as case studies to show you how to position your brand online. We’ll examine their strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points before recommending ways to differentiate yourself from them. This analysis will be included in the report as well.
  4. Prompts and Templates for Instagram Stories and In-Feed Posts: You’ll get prompts and guides on what types of content to post on your stories and feed every day to keep your audience engaged. This package includes four pre-made instastory templates and highlight covers.
  5. Hashtag Bank and Strategy: This includes a detailed guide on what hashtags to use and how to conduct hashtag research to achieve a more organic reach.
  6. Mood board Feed Aesthetics Guide Creation: According to research, 70% of beauty product consumers purchased a product based on its packaging, image, and aura. It appealed to their senses of touch, feel, and smell, making them want to associate with the brand by purchasing the products. This mood board will serve as a visual guide for what color tones, arrangement, and aura your feed should exude to a first-time visitor at a glance. This way, you won’t be posting at random and your feed won’t be disorganized.
  7. We’ll optimize your bio with relevant keywords tailored to your niche so you’re easily discoverable, as well as set up the highlight covers and FAQs. Your Facebook page will also be keyword optimized and FAQs will be established. After that, we’ll log out and give you the passwords.
  8. Prompts on Batch Content Creation & Strategy: We’ll also break down actionable steps to take to batch create and schedule your content ahead of time. You would never get tired or overwhelmed thinking about what to post every day if you did this.
  9. Guide On When To Use Other Marketing Channels: In this, we’ll walk you through what stages of the business to start investing in Facebook/Instagram Ads and Influencer marketing.

All of this will be presented to you via a virtual meeting in which a Social Butterfly Haven team member will walk you through the process step by step. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about this. A to-do list will also be included to help you stay on track with what you need to do next.




  • Beauty solopreneurs who want to manage their social media marketing at their own pace but can’t afford to outsource it to a digital marketing agency.
  • The beauty entrepreneur who works a 9-5 and runs her beauty business as a side hustle and wants to approach social media marketing with clarity.

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