3 Ways You Can Use Content Marketing To Promote Your Beauty Brand

Like every other brand, beauty brands need content to market and promote their products to reach more audiences and convert them to customers. Content marketing should be a long term strategy for beauty brands that want to achieve their goals and objectives like creating awareness and generating sales. These days, consumers are more interested in the value they can get from using your products, and one of the best ways to show them this value is through content. The type of content you create around your product determines how far it will go.
For beauty brands, you need relatable content that will resonate with your target audience. Content that easily relates with the audience is what beauty brands need to convert to customers.

Since most beauty brands are focused on using e-commerce stores to sell their products online, we have seen how successful they can achieve this by implementing the appropriate content marketing strategies that drive the right customers and sales. A famous beauty brand named LOréal pulled off an increase of 62% in sales through content marketing. This shows you how vital content marketing can be for a brand.

We understand that for you to sell your beauty products online, you need to spark conversations around your product or brand niche with your audience by putting out engaging brand content. The branded content aims to attract and keep customers and gradually convert them to buyers and supporters.

Now, you can see that there are so many things that you can achieve for your beauty brand if you use the right content marketing strategies. If you wish to use content marketing for your brand but don’t know where to start from, you can use these 3 ways below to promote your brand through content marketing.


The most common and effective way of using content marketing for your beauty brand is blogging. This entails using blog articles to create awareness and promote the brand and its products. Beauty brands should invest and focus more on creating optimized long-form articles that will help them to project and reach out to the right audience. For blogging, long-form articles are always the best because they give full details and answers to the various questions that the target audience asks about beauty products in your niche. A well-optimized long-form article needs the following;

  • Long/short tail keywords (long-tail keywords are likely to rank higher)
  • External and internal links of related articles.
  • Good structuring and grammar with appropriate headings
  • The article should be resourceful and answer questions your potential customer types in search engines when looking for solutions to the problem.

Having long-form content in your blog makes it easy for you to be seen by a targeted audience because it accommodates the use of many keywords which can help your brand with visibility. To profit from blogging, make sure that all your articles contain all elements of SEO. Also, don’t forget to create educational content that teaches and answers the questions about the pain points of your target audience.

Here at Social Butterfly Haven, we are passionate about helping beauty brands position themselves online through blogging by helping you with blog topics and articles that will position your products and services to the right audience. This enables you to be found organically on search engines. If you are having any difficulties with blogging as a content marketing strategy, book a discovery call so we can do that for you. We have excellent copywriters and bloggers on our team to take this burden off you so you can focus on other aspects of your beauty business.

Pinterest Marketing

If you own a beauty brand, you shouldn’t sleep on Pinterest Marketing. Pinterest Marketing is a content marketing strategy that every beauty brand that wants to reach a large audience and attract customers should consider. Pinterest enables the creation of a board where you can share appealing images and videos of your products. These images and videos are shared with links that direct your audience to your blog, website, online sites or email sign up
pages etc. Using Pinterest for your beauty business is one of the best ways to create a long-lasting strategy that will help you drive conversions and get profitable results.

Pinterest is more of a search engine than it is a social media platform and according to research, the beauty niche
performs well on Pinterest due to its aesthetic appeal. Users come to Pinterest for inspiration and the platform has evolved into a place users can also shop their favourite products on the spot. This is what makes Pinterest a perfect place where beauty brands can showcase and promote their products by pinning their product images and videos.

The good thing about Pinterest Marketing is that an image can be pinned to drive traffic and sales constantly. As a
beauty brand owner, if you are not using Pinterest as your marketing channel, you are leaving money on the table. If as a beauty brand, you use the right keywords, you will be discoverable by your target audience thus increasing brand visibility and purchase potential by 98%.

Consider using it today as your long term marketing strategy, but if you are not so familiar with Pinterest, you don’t need to worry because we are here to help you kick start your Pinterest Marketing with our Pinterest Management services. You can book a discovery call here for a short virtual meeting on how and when we can kick off with you.

YouTube Video Tutorials

Another content marketing strategy that beauty brands should adapt to is using YouTube to market and promote their products through creating and uploading relatable video content.
If you want to have a long-term content marketing strategy, you should consider hopping on YouTube for your beauty brand. While this may seem daunting at first, your content has a longer life span on your YouTube channel and is capable of converting customers and generating sales.

Using YouTube as your marketing channel also helps you build relationships with your audience. This way, you will get to know them better and understand how your products can serve them better. With YouTube, you can create educational content that educates and teaches your audience how to use your products. You can also share links to your website and online stores there to help them if they want to know more about your products and offers.


To succeed with content marketing as a beauty brand, you should always think of long-term strategies that will help you promote and sell your products online with ease without spending much on marketing. Use platforms that give your content a longer life span like blogs, Pinterest and YouTube for content marketing and distribution. This also ensures steady results and conversions because whenever people search for anything relating to your content, you will always pop up so far your content is keyword optimized.

Remember, if your content marketing strategy works out, there will be tons of benefits from it. We will like to know what content marketing strategies you are putting in your brand and how we can help you succeed with them. To know more about how we can help your beauty brand get promoted through content marketing without stressing over it, learn more about how we can be of help to you HERE.

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